Shipping and Encumbrance

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When Calculating For Shipping based on Starship and Vehicle Encumbrance Stats

Scaling Cargo Encumbrance By Silhouette:

Ships can not carry loads larger than their own silhouette Internally and can not carry them externally unless otherwise modified or stated in their base writeup

When carrying smaller than their silhouette their encumbrance, unless otherwise stated, is  their silhouette multiplied by 20

If the items silhouette is less than the ship or creature carrying it, then their encumbrance is altered, being divided by a factor of 10

Converting Passenger/Crew capacity to Storage Capacity and vice versa

For Silhouette 1 Passengers their assumed encumbrance is 5, as well as an additional 5 per individual to account for common amenities and berthing

For luxurious amenities the additional encumbrance becomes 10, and for poor quality amenities and berthing it becomes 2

For Silhouette 0 Passengers such as Jawas the assumed encumbrance per individual becomes 3, however the encumbrance on Amenities and Berthing stays the same.

For Silhouette 2 Passengers such as Hutts or Hergliks, the assumed encumbrance per individual becomes 10, with the additional encumbrance for amenities and berthing becoming 5, 10, and 20 respectively. 

Stowing Away

As encumbrance represents both weight, size, and general unwieldiness when carrying, some times decreasing the encumbrance of an item, be it living or otherwise, can be as simple as stowing it properly, either by placing it in specialized crates, or by strapping it down. 

Strapping down cargo reduces its encumbrance by half

Stowing cargo in specialized containers provides encumbrance benefits as designated by the containers themselves.


Shipping and Encumbrance

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